Expression of Interest to Adopt a Puppy / Dog


  • Completing this application does not commit you to the dog/puppy, nor does it guarantee the adoption of the dog/puppy applied for.

Tiki Animal Rescue will assess every application and the person/family that suits the dog’s needs will be the one chosen.

Not being chosen for the dog you have applied for, does not mean you would not be a great dog home, it just may be that someone else has breed experience or is home more etc. It will all be done for the benefit of the dog’s needs.


  • If you are a match for the puppy/dog, a meet and greet will be organized.
  • Tiki will need to carry out a property inspection or may choose to do this by photos.
  • Tiki will require a $100 non-refundable deposit, once you are approved. This will come off the final payment.
  • Puppies will be rehomed at 10 weeks of age in which the desexing is included in their adoption fee. They may be desexed prior to their release or a pre release contract will be signed with each adopter for a desexing to be performed by 6 months of age.
  • Adult dogs will be desexed before adoption release and will be available to leave for their new homes upon the completion of their needed vet work.

There is a 2 week trial period for all dogs. This allows time for your new family member to settle in.